Brill MRWs contain lists. These can be simple enumerations, or have a more complex structure. There is overlap with tables: a list can be thought of as a one-column table. Brill uses this rule of fist: a one-column table is better encoded as a list.


See TEI Guidelines Chapter 3.7 Lists


Lists in Brill MRWs contain items that may be labelled. A label might be an enumeration mark like a number, or text. TEI uses <list>, <item>, and <label> elements to encode this information. It is also possible to add a title, using the <head> element.

Brill content has four types of lists: with bulleted, numbered, lettered, and unmarked items. The <label> element is used to indicate the list type. It is placed before <item>. (In retrospect, a @type attribute might have been more useful…). If the label element is empty and closed, the list has no enumeration marks. If the label element is absent, the list is bulleted. If the label is present and filled with letters, the list is lettered. If the label is present and filled with numbers, the list is numbered.


    <item>Computer crimes--United Kingdom.</item>
    <item>Privacy, Right of--United Kingdom.</item>
    <item>Secrecy--Law and legislation--United Kingdom.</item>
    <item>Computer fraud--United Kingdom.</item>

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